Senior Partner / CFO

Steve is the Senior Partner and CFO of the firm and heads its Tax & Business practice.  Over his 30 year career, Steve has spent time as a tax, business, and corporate partner in prominent large and boutique Texas law firms and, for a time, in-house tax counsel to a Fortune 50 publicly held company. While his calling card touts him as an “income” tax lawyer, he has counseled and advised business and individual clients with respect to estate, gift, state and local, and employment taxes and related planning — not only from a domestic perspective, but also with regard to in-bound and out-bound international transactions. A recognized expert in income and other tax consequences of pass-through entities, his greatest passion is helping active and retired entrepreneurs, investors, and their families, acquire, deploy, monetize and protect their wealth for the long haul.  His keen eye for ever-present and all-important tax issues in the context of countless complex transactions allows him to anticipate over-the-horizon issues and planning. While not a licensed accountant, his extensive scholastic and practical background with the tax, financial, and legal aspects of many transaction types positions him as a valuable advisor, go-between, and interpreter, able to cut-to-the-chase in identifying and resolving issues.  Although not his primary practice currently, Steve has successfully completed many administrative and court controversies on behalf of his clients with federal and state tax authorities.

During his career, Steve has provided written submissions and oral testimony on tax legislation and rules to lawmakers and administrators at the federal and state level, including the Department of Treasury, the State Comptroller, the Texas legislature, and of particular relevance for today’s purposes – the U.S. Congress and its tax-law-writing committees, including the Joint Committee on Taxation. He actively participates in national and state tax policy organizations devoted to molding legislative and administrative laws and rules pertaining to tax issues.

Steve frequently writes and speaks on tax issues and planning for the benefit of local and national tax professional audiences.

J.D., The University of Texas School of Law, Honors
B.B.A., The University of Texas, Highest Honors (Accounting)


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(512) 497-0624