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Foreign Tax Principles

As a business or investor expands outside of the U.S., a new world of complex tax issues require careful and purposeful planning and attention. Further, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (Pub. L. No. 115-97) ("TCJA") effected monumental changes in the taxation of cross-border transactions and structuring from a U.S. tax perspective. Old structures and old "tried and true" planning techniques require re-evaluation and action. This section of whitepapers provides some insights on certain aspects of that planning which you and your tax and legal advisor will encounter.

U.S. International Tax Treaties - A General Discussion

U.S. - Canada Tax Treaty Aspects

U.S. - China Tax Treaty Aspects

Texas State Taxes

Texas state and local taxes require careful and purposeful planning by the business or investor beginning or expanding operations and activities in Texas. It is not uncommon for individuals, along with their investments and businesses, to migrate wholesale to Texas and re-establish their headquarters here.  This section of whitepapers provide an overview of the primary tax systems that will be encountered and which should be considered by the business person or investor as they come to Texas.

Texas Business Taxes

Texas Income Taxes

Texas Property Taxes

Texas Sales/Use Taxes